Immunoboost challenge 2012

Would you like a sinusitis? Dripping, orange slime coming from our nose like ketchup. Headache. Pressure-induced pain in the teeth. Sleepless nights. Yes; doesn’t sound so good. Sinusitis is quite a common condition, and it’s usually not lethal or even dangerous – but if left untreated, it may cause some unwanted things. Nevertheless, it is […]

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial post-install story

Takeaway: Approved! Installation was as easy as ever. What about using the Ubuntu 16.04 ? Once you get your fingers used to typing ‘systemctl’ instead of ‘service’ (due to systemd now being used as the init mechanism), you’re fine. Applications install fine with ‘apt’ (and yes, even apt-get, as in 14.04). Oh, and apt now […]

Stand-by; go!

Before my actual involvement in the open source software, I’d been a bystander for years. I think the foundations for the spark towards open source was laid out around 1998: I was a freshman at Aalto University. It was back then called “Otaniemi”, or officially: Helsinki University of Technology. Otaniemi is the name of the […]

Museum of Jukkasoft – the QuickBasic programs

I was looking for the thing yesterday – and found it today. Ah, “what thing”, I hear. Jukkasoft’s history! The QuickBasic programs, written under DOS, years ago, that formed that backbone of my programming experiences. Well, truth be told, I dissed QuickBasic pretty much right after moving on to deeper waters. But QuickBasic was an […]