GC while running

You know the feeling, when you’re jogging, and suddenly everything clicks to place? I know that too! It’s the: while(jogging) { garbage_collect(); } I just didn’t get that this time🙂 Nevertheless, a refreshing run out there. It’s about 4 C, quite serene; the beach shows the sands again, now that snow has half melted. We […]


Here’s the deal: a guy wrote wonderful script (yle-dl) to download material from YLE channel. In 2016, a mini series called Downshiftaajat got aired, and me and my wife were hooked instantly on it. We had a basic flat TV, with HDMI connector, but no “media box” ie. a set-top box. Oh, and very scant […]

Immunoboost challenge 2012

Would you like a sinusitis? Dripping, orange slime coming from our nose like ketchup. Headache. Pressure-induced pain in the teeth. Sleepless nights. Yes; doesn’t sound so good. Sinusitis is quite a common condition, and it’s usually not lethal or even dangerous – but if left untreated, it may cause some unwanted things. Nevertheless, it is […]