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> man woman

Woman is a tool included in Life. Man is not complete without a Woman; that is,
Man can live without Woman, but a Woman (in some territorials, several Women)
brings countless variation and joy into Man’s life.

– talk (the rate of talk is usually much greater than Man units have). This makes Woman units strongly bonded together, and it also spreads knowledge fast.
– eat (many units have so-called Moral Problems with eating)
– think (white haired Woman is said to think less, this is yet to be verified)
– dressing functions (Woman veil themselves in lots of different kind of Skins.
Skins can be downloaded at places which are called Luxury or Clothing stores.
Note: Download is not usually free, and for some imcomprehensible reason the
Man unit often uses his credits to pay for the downloads).

Reproduction of Man and Women units is also possible only by uniting the
I/O cable of Man into the corresponding I/O port of Woman unit. The Man cable
has one single pin. The Woman I/O port has couple of different kind of doors,
plus a so called G spot.

The connection requires careful practise and precision.
The electrical stimulation of this activity
usually increases happiness and bonding strength in both units. Some tranmissions
errors may occur, after which Man usually reinitiates the connection. There is
sometimes an error correction function, where the Woman might say: Ouch!, Harder,
Slower baby, Go to left, Go to right, Upper, Lower, Faster.

A bit burst causes communications breakdown for a refractory period, during which
Man cannot continue outputting. Woman has considerably greater input capacity.
Sometimes Man units extend their period of so called ‘boner state’ by swallowing
blue chips.

Unlike normal design paradigm of Life tools, Woman is a complex tool. It has many useful features:
* the head, containing cerebrum (the brain)
* the neck
* shoulders
* hands
* middle body
* pelvis, where the reproductive I/O port exists
* thighs, which call Man to follow a Woman
* legs

woman [no parameters]

unknown, varies a lot

Special features and known bugs
– When running in Pregnant mode, woman exhibits some extremely weird behaviour.
Latest research has it, that when Pregnant, the output and behavioral modules
are further obfuscated with a n^N class polynomial permutator (where N >> infinity)
So normal output of “I love you too!” might turn into something as hard to
interpret as “F*cK!#BstrdUR2sec0ndSl4teAg4in”

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