Nokia N810

I’m a fan of science fiction, both books and movies. I remember the first deep experience was when I was reading a translated scifi book about a space travel to a planet close to Earth. The travel was dangerous, and the atmosphere was very exciting, sometimes so that I was almost afraid of letting the book go.
I occasionally stopped reading, took a look at the beautiful, dark blue evening sky; Stella Polaris was bright, as usual. I was tripping in the space ship in my own imagination. This was an experience I will never forget; my first book reading.

It was my first mental trip in an environment which was not real, but so fascinating. Escaping the mundane world into “a better place”. I could see all the things described in the book, almost touching them with limbs. The people onboard the spacecraft had arguments and I think there was some threat of violence also. I was probably around 4-5 years old at that time; now at 31, my neurons have forgotten some the impulses and long time potentiation that occurred 27 years ago 🙂

Excuse me for sometimes having a long introduction. You better get used to it, it’s a leader and gives some background of why I came to be like I am.

The first time I heard about the new Nokia N810 internet tablet, was at a party of my wife’s friend. They always have really nice parties, with lots of different kind of people involved. It’s a pleasure sipping lemonade or water, and stand discussing with all the guests. There was a south African man, who’m I happened to start talking about computers. Soon I discoved he worked for Nokia, and had been involved for approximately 5 years in the research and development of a new class of devices, internet tablets (pocket computers, usually without the phone functionality).

Several months later, actually it’s probably been a year since, I was buying an 8-socket power plug from
There it was. Man! Love at first sight. You just know when you see one. White stealy, fine design. Smooth curves. Delicious overall. I…. had…. to…. have…. her.
How much? About 450 euros. Done.

I also bought a car charger. This is of the same type as for the normal small plug cellular phones, like N70 and several others. My hands were trembling a little bit. This has happened since the times I was opening my christmas packages with were usually packed with gadgets.

The N810 works best with a network. These days devices without a network connectivity are like fish in the dunes of Saudi Arabia. Lost!

So I drove to Helsinki University of Technology premises, where there’s a free Wifi for all students. I still am, of course! My studies have lasted since 1998, and they will probably take another 5-10 years from this point.

We have carrier! Connection established. Type:
There it is 🙂 What else did you expect?

I love the machine. Get one.

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