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Saturdays are such a great time to take off my hands from the keyboard. It’s a slightly on the plus centigrade today, so I head off to a nearby gasoline station, and took the other car (a Ford Mondeo STW) to wash. Shell Tullinpuomi has this different kind of auto wash system. You drive a little bit in the, on a guided rail, shut your engine off, and leave the gears to neutral. Brakes are off. After turning off the engine, you can sit back and relax (and this time it really means it, so it’s not in the way Windows tells you can do it while the operating system installs).

The rails take your car slowly through the was sequence, and it feels like in a bath. First there’s some sprayed shampoo falling all over, then either a water cannon or a brush washes the car. Then you get a hairdryer of a bit larger capacity the one you use at the bathroom. It whirs while the drops of water start to form small capillary rivers.

I bought a cotton linen and some “trasseli” to make a hand waxing. It took about 30 minutes. The car looks better than ever. It feels different to drive a clean car. I hate to see our cyber companions in such muddy and bleak condition sometimes. 🙂

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