Reading Time: < 1 minute  The home office, a couple of months ago. This is the place I do most of my work. Computers are growing in number in the next couple of weeks; today I bought onebulk PC server, tomorrow going to get one PC more, plus one as spare parts. Thenthere’s going to be one more laptop. ThenContinue reading

Reading Time: 3 minutes   IT is an interesting field of business. It’s full of promises and continually upgrading new products. From the viewpoint of a systemadministrator and a systems integrator ITis also plain hard work: it’s about takingcare of existing installations, making suresites are working every day, reacting totroublesome situations, and reporting tothe bosses. It would be easyContinue reading

Reading Time: < 1 minute  The colors of autumn in Finland. They’re just something you would not miss for any price. The autumn brings calmness and people react to it quite strongly sometimes. I do, forexample. The autumn means a period of concentrating on the future challenges, and the closing of summer.