The summer is going on, having left the hot periods and now more ordinary rainy season

I’ve been virtually (literally) going through machines and technology at the hospital. Reading is a pastime of high priority. Finnish magazine Kotitietokone keeps me updated about what’s around with the consumer segment. New memory card readers, multimedia harddisks, laptops and GPS navigators to mention a few.

The computer world has really commercialized in about 10 past years. There’s some things which never change: the will to modify, tinker around, investigate, try out new combinations, and after the invention of Internet, there’s definitely the urge to publish and have conversations about the individual findings.

Internet makes a very interesting forum to have these conversations. It acts as a looking glass which magnifies even the trivial. I never cease to be amazed by the granularity of things that can arouse chat. Even the smallest detail of a single, narrowly-populated gadget can be the subject of discussion. It is perhaps this phenomena that tells a lot about Internet. It’s utterly chaotic and fascinating, even though there are of course challenges which relate to finding out the personally meaningful threads of communication and relevant information from the vast universe of bits.

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