optimizing vista and testing out the Chrome browser

Recently I’ve been quite involved in doing the taxi exams, which are now over and passed! 🙂
Other than that, I’m trying to get my Windows Vista back on track. It’s quite lazy, seems like there’s a lot of garbage and all kinds of resource-hogging things lying around. What’s different from the age when I was running XP on my computer(s), is that I’m not that familiar with the aspects of optimizing Vista. I’m running System Mechanic by Iolo. It’s a program designed to clean Vista out of excessive clutter, meaning it will erase futile files, processes etc.

I installed the Chrome browser by Google corp. today. Still to find out what it has to offer. It’s been quite hot in IT topics recently. They only released it recently, having a goal of designing a modern web browser from scratch. I’m testing it out, and writing when I’ve formulated an opinion about Chrome.

Published by jukkasoft

Me: a code enthusiasta, technology optimist, but also a realist. In my blog something like 80% of the articles are technology related - mostly in English and Finnish. I like to envision and ponder about things, how life could be, what we are doing wrong today, and so on. "Invented" a facebook -like system in 2000, as a short product pamphlet. Haven't yet realized the 20+ ideas that might have become big things. Maybe learning this skill one of these days!

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