Of heavy and light work

Reading Time: < 1 minute Computers and the Internet have changed our world totally. We work, spend leisure time, communicate, and do a bunch of things differently today compared to that of 20 years ago. The internet is one big technological break-through. Even though it’s so obvious today, there was a time that not every big player believed in it.Continue reading “Of heavy and light work”

the world of blogging – short course

Reading Time: 2 minutes The World of Blogging – short course I won’t go much over the history of blogging itself, nor the technology behind. What’s interesting is the nature of blogging, its uses, people behind the scenes (that’s everybody – us) and what new blogging can bring to everyone’s lives. Some people are really into blogs. They mayContinue reading “the world of blogging – short course”

Does cloud computing have a good future?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cloud computing means creating an information system whereby the users do not need to have sophisticated computers, instead they are accessing data and programs which are stored and run on a powerful central computer. The idea is not new; in fact in computer science there’s been trends going back and forth, from spread-out to centralizedContinue reading “Does cloud computing have a good future?”

automatic CV, making job application easier

Reading Time: < 1 minute The way we go through a job application, on both sides, is sometimes cumbersome. What strikes me most is the unaccuracy and possibly completely unverified nature of “job experience” listed in the CV. The job applicant has to write a lot of text, and make changes to it periodically so as to keep it upContinue reading “automatic CV, making job application easier”

the next 50 years – comments about possible technological and other advances

Reading Time: 4 minutes Reading Thomas Sowell’s books about economics is refreshing for a technocrat like me.He’s an american economist, born in 1930. Sowell likes to write text which is understandable to common man, yet he brings out distinguished phenomena of economics in very interesting way. Those kinds of books and their acute findings about even very counter-intuitivephenomena happeningContinue reading “the next 50 years – comments about possible technological and other advances”

Tuokko – the personal transportation service

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of the things future brings is better service. Take Finland for example, a small country in the northern hemisphere, which doesn’t have too much ofnatural resources. We’ve been struggling for independence and survival forprobably as long as we’ve existed. What makes us rich, is the capability to innovate New. New meaning ways of doingContinue reading “Tuokko – the personal transportation service”