Tuokko – the personal transportation service

One of the things future brings is better service. Take Finland for example,
a small country in the northern hemisphere, which doesn’t have too much of
natural resources. We’ve been struggling for independence and survival for
probably as long as we’ve existed. What makes us rich, is the capability to innovate New.

New meaning ways of doing things, delivering content, mixing and mashing,
making brain cells spark to create buck. But – actually it isn’t about money.
For a good service, you need – a need! There has to be a really strong
urge to have something, in order to create a good delivery mechanism. I’m talking
about the personal transporation service of tomorrow.

What is it? Imagine there were a neat way to order any kind of thing you
could imagine and have it delivered on your door. There are just sometimes
those moments that you could pay anything to have something delivered. Think
of leaving work after a long shift – you’re on your way home, going in the
motor way, and suddenly you receive a phone call. It’s your girlfriend asking
for headache remedy. She’s having a severe headache. So are you, soon. Since it’s
independence day, the pharmacist stores are closed. Where on earth are you going
to get medication, and how far do you have to travel in order to get it?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a service that could do this? 24/7 readiness,
bringing you a pizza, a tobacco carton, or the day’s groceries – you name it!
I think there would definitely be demand for this kind of utility – but once
the mentality of getting good delivery service is acquired. It requires someone
to make the pilot plan and implement it. I’m staying tuned. Just waiting to
announce one year that NOW it’s reality.

The benefits would be possibly environmental as well as on a personal level. The persons using this kind of service would save time, and thus having the ability to spend it in things they really like: hobbies, family, you name it. You can never have too much time; it’s scarce. And currently everyone is making a back-and-forth trip to the shop, probably around 10-20 km away. It equates to over 2 million liters of fuel used every day, just to get bread and butter on the table.

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