tech, part I


Technology ranges from the most simple you could ever imagine, to spaceships and further on. These pictures celebrate the mundane but fascinating world of some pieces of technology.

The coffee brewing machine, or percolator, turns on many people’s lives. By pressing roasted and grounded beans through water, the liquid that we call coffee is formed. The percolator’s operating noises are one of the first sounds that ring a familiar bell in the morning hours.

The battery is a universal block of energy, powering up devices of all sorts.

Car instrument rod makes it possible for the driver to give signals to the car. These signals control several factors, like lightning, the operation of wipers, etc. There is somewhat a standardization between car makers about the construction of such instrument. This helps people change from one car to another safely and without hassle.

Parking meter has embedded electronics in it, controlling the time and use of paying methods like coins, notes, cards and others.

Each of these aforementioned apparatuses have a history of significant length. Usually a common household item becomes useful at somewhere around… I don’t know. Perhaps 20-30 years? The toaster, for example, become “ready” at age of 25 years. Cars have evolved until this very day, and still they are under heated improvement. There’s so much going on with electronics, control and information systems that seems cars are turning into computers.

Sometimes I feel we’re living in a over-technologized world. But it’s usually when I’m trying to figure out how a particular item works, and don’t succeed in that. It’s then that we usually turn to the power of networks; the WWW holds a gazillion pages of information, and definitely can help you. Just couple of words into Google and you’re off to the answers.

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