who is Jukka Paulin?

Sometimes it’s really foggy, who it is that actually blogs. This entry will probably
make the picture a bit more clear. I was born in 1977. Introduced to computers
in the year 1983, when I had my first Commodore C=64. It was my miracle machine,
which I investigated thoroughly. First with BASIC programming language, and then
further on with assembly language.

The PC revolution was going on, and I went through using 286, 386, and 486 based
machines. With each processor there was something new to explore, even though
I mainly stayed with basic x86 Intel machine language.

I’ve worked in IT industry since 2000. In my teens I did a lot of writing code: catalogue programs, experimentation with terminate-stay-residents (TSR) – such as TSR-MCB utility,
some maps, and all these silly test programs. It was really fun!

I’m in various positions going about with
the everyday tasks. The rest of the information is possible to gather by
peeking the information page on this Blogger site. And you can always
contact me: my first name, dot, second name and @gmail.com

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