mobile stuff, MobilePress and e71

Reading Time: < 1 minute   Very pleased owner of the Nokia e71. The MobilePress plugin for WordPress can give a nicewell-formatted, yet very slick output on a mobile phone. The original site can be designedwith full features, without thinking about mobile devices at that point. Mobilepress takesover the publishing phase, and recognized limited mobile devices, and does formatting accordingly.MobilePress isContinue reading “mobile stuff, MobilePress and e71”

Reading Time: < 1 minute   There’s some similarity in simulations done with Swarm Intelligence tools. I registeredthis by looking down in the main mall of Helsinki; people were like ants, making theirpaths in anticipation of bumping into other people and also taking into account the goals of their city stroll. The second picture is about Johto cafe, a great placeContinue reading

more cityscaping Helsinki – the purple part

Reading Time: 2 minutes I let the pictures run the story themselves. It’s such a lovely moment when the sun is setting, andHelsinki gets all purple. You can smell the oxygen-rich air, and there’s a special moment ofreally belonging to the place. Take a look around and there’s people jogging, walking their dogs,playing in the parks, having fun atContinue reading “more cityscaping Helsinki – the purple part”

Cityscaping Helsinki, a high-tech stone-grounded metropolitan

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was really a day of needed refreshing, checking out the corners of Helsinki. One of the photos features a single orange-and-yellow barring-bar, which was kind of impressive just lying in there, middle of everything. People wandering by, and not probably thinking it more than a blink of an eye. It contrasted well with theContinue reading “Cityscaping Helsinki, a high-tech stone-grounded metropolitan”

Reading Time: 2 minutes     These three pictures were taken today in Helsinki. I was strolling in the city, from a long timeago, and seeing things with fresh view. I noticed a lot of urban activity happens in the shops.There are souvenir shops, tobacco shops, book shops, shops electronics, groceries – you name it. Some of these commercial activityContinue reading