Reading Time: 1 minute   There’s some similarity in simulations done with Swarm Intelligence tools. I registeredthis by looking down in the main mall of Helsinki; people were like ants, making theirpaths in anticipation of bumping into other people and also taking into account the goals of

Cityscaping Helsinki, a high-tech stone-grounded metropolitan

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was really a day of needed refreshing, checking out the corners of Helsinki. One of the photos features a single orange-and-yellow barring-bar, which was kind of impressive just lying in there, middle of everything. People wandering by, and not probably thinking

Reading Time: 2 minutes     These three pictures were taken today in Helsinki. I was strolling in the city, from a long timeago, and seeing things with fresh view. I noticed a lot of urban activity happens in the shops.There are souvenir shops, tobacco shops, book