These three pictures were taken today in Helsinki. I was strolling in the city, from a long time
ago, and seeing things with fresh view. I noticed a lot of urban activity happens in the shops.
There are souvenir shops, tobacco shops, book shops, shops electronics, groceries – you name it.
Some of these commercial activity centres work fluently; they don’t have queues. Then there’s
the ones that regularly seem to form queues. People are waiting for to be served. It’s interesting.
I think the Finnish national mentality is against waiting – because we think it’s a waste of
time. I am personally very much against queues. I think the business model or implementation of
the business is somehow flawed, if people have to wait in queues.

Let’s take a look at three samples. Note: this is really not to be taken too seriously. Don’t let
my text insult, it’s merely observations with a pun.

Nordea is definitely the most fascist: straight row of benches, not too comfortable, facing
the service desks. You sit, or you cry and sit! 😉

Elisa makes it a lottery: you see the big spheres, they’re used to draw the lucky winners
who get a working network connection.

Sampo is different. It makes the space even enticing. There’s a sense of being at home.
I could spend a fifteen minutes here.

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