Cityscaping Helsinki, a high-tech stone-grounded metropolitan

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It was really a day of needed refreshing, checking out the corners of Helsinki. One of the photos
features a single orange-and-yellow barring-bar, which was kind of impressive just lying in
there, middle of everything. People wandering by, and not probably thinking it more than a
blink of an eye. It contrasted well with the gray streets.

Johto cafe is a really comfortable lounge to sit and have a cappuccino. I’m not sure about this but I have a feeling it’s one of the most popular / first
WLAN cafes, so there’s a free wireless network plus battery charging place also.

Kamppi shopping center is an experience in itself. There’s the beautiful view from top to the centre of
the shopping center. It’s like a spiral staircase. Kamppi is bustling with activity and there’s a lot
of “live” campaigning shops – they make small offers and free demonstrations of the products. Whether
you like it or not is a totally different thing. I think it’s a refreshing change to the usual
city atmosphere. I really do miss the alleys of Bangkok in this matter 🙂 That’s a city that just
never sleeps, and which feels like a small village.


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