two articles under work.

In general, I’m pretty happily busy with all kinds of things. Writing and
tending for our 7+ month old daughter, who is adorable. That’s some
“software” for sure!

I’m finding myself writing a couple of articles, both related somewhat to
security. The other one is more a software-centered, whereas the other
is inspired by me reading Kevin D. Mitnick’s “The Art of Deception”.

Got a work today, starting on 25th May. It’ll be computer administration,
more to come later. Since 2008, the one-man company Me hasn’t being doing
too well, so back on the payroll. It was and probably will be in the future
a pleasant experience, but there’s certainly a need to improve customer
relations and customer acquisition. Otherwise the cashflow gets low, and
that’s never good for any company.

I’m working on couple of ideas too, with different people. They’re the kind
of ideas that stick in the back of your head, and might provide a seed for
something good in the future. I am seeking all the time advice and people who
know start-up scenery in Finland. It’s not imminent nor would we have the
seed money ready currently, but it never hurts to scan what’s out there and
how it’s done.

My other site, the Jukkasoft blog, is up and running – I checked the newest
statistics from Google Analytics, and was positively surprised. If you are
interested, I wrote a short article here.

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