writing about internet law as exercise

I’ve got a couple of exercises which involve the decisions by both
The Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman and Justice Ministry in Finland. Let me tell you, I’ve never been an enthusiastic follower for things that involve law. I think they are mostly really boring, compared to new technology. But reading some cases and thinking them through is actually interesting. I will not study law as a major, it’s only a minority detail in my studies, so getting the spirit of law, and understanding why certain decisions are made, is crucial. With a sample of 3 exercises this will not yet happen, though, but a sense rises of what is there to be expected. And if I’d tackle any real case, I would make sure proper professional law services would be available for me to use.

A sample case goes like this:
Mr. A had borrowed a digital photo taken by B, and used it in a sales ad he placed in certain web-based service. B wanted a fee of 400 euros, because A had used the photo without his permission. The jury decided that since B took so many almost-similar photos of the target, the photo was not particularly unique. And thus A was in no
obligation to pay anything.

Tomorrow starting a new job. I know more when the day has passed. It’s definitely
IT, and involves several clients in the 3 month period. I figured the best way to get there tomorrow morning, taking the bus. The routes are simpler than I thought, which is definitely plus.

We’re also developing with a friend some pre-stages of the aforementioned Tuokko transportation
service. It’s really fun to just give ideas the wings; even though there’s no
prototype and it’s all in talks, I enjoy the mental work. Just going “in the wild”,
meaning keeping your eyes open while shopping, gives material for the requirements
specifications. It’s after all a lot of negotiations and making sure all the parties involved get their motivation. What’s it all about is being smart; recognizing the needs, recognizing our greatest problems (which may well be non-IT) and keeping our mind open. We haven’t set any timeframes yet. It may take 6 months, or it may take several years for a first working prototype. Or it may not happen at all, that’s a possibility too.

It’s going to be busy for a while now, with studying (Microsott C#) and working at the same time, but not for long. The studies cease for summer.. I’ll try and write more this week. Tomorrow I’ll probably be too busy to do that. Which reminds me
of a good question my friend posed: “How the hell do you have so much digital
I was a freelancer at the time, and honestly it meant that I had more than enough
free time 🙂

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