first day at the new job

It was a start for new job today. Of course due to non-disclosure I’ll
keep most details inside, but suffice it to say that it was an interesting
day. I am going into full action on Wednesday, with first real customer
cases unfolding. I made my own work laptop a bit more customized, meaning
that it now has Chrome as the browser.

According to Murphy’s law, it was well into late afternoon that actual work came available. Well, setting apart some complications with software that I’d never
like to see, the installation went well. We countered some well-known “features”
that make the installation procedure bit more complex. But of course, it’s
good that these exceptions really are known know. I used to fight with the same
issue for many, many days 2 years ago.

The house holds a lot of experience, in fact it’s probably the most
experienced people I’ve worked with. With an average career length of
over 15 years, it’s quite exceptional in IT. (Is it? If you have
countering knowledge, let me know).

What is a little troubling is the complexity of traveling. With bus,
it’s not your average walk in the park. My role includes occasionally
going between sites within the same day, and this holds a challenge.

P.S. our management does blog! 🙂

Logging out,

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