Future, part XXIII ?!

WARNING: extremely confusing post. 😀

Creating your own mobile presence is pretty easy with Gypsii, brought to you by an ex-Benefon company turned into GeoSentric. It was recommended by a friend, and I started using it. More and more! This could be the thing I had been searching for many years. I wrote about a social media product with the title BrainDiary. It was during a multimedia course in Helsinki Univ. of Technology. Combining the story-telling part with automatic mobile presence (=location) it really gets interesting.

I’ve kept diary for a long time. I was thinking one day that this whole blogging trend is basically transforming your diary into public bits. It’s about writing, revealing, discussing, arguing, and having fun.

I am going to reveal something to you: I tend to write a couple of afternoon each week in a cafe in Helsinki. It’s a kind of way for me to invent fresh thoughts, let go of the steam accumulated during the week, and also I honestly believe that just by writing you are participating in something Bigger. Nobody can tell what it is; blogosphere, global consciousness, whatever.

When I don’t read blogs and news, I feel kind of missing seriously on the world. I can skip ordinary mainstream news, but blogs are pretty important part of my life. They seem to have more of an editorial view in many occasions. And there’s definitely a persona behind one. News corporations do have people working, but they’re
taking this work-role, naturally. It’s an interesting difference nevertheless.

Sitting at the cafe sparks many thoughts. I look at people passing by, eating, shopping, discussing. It reminds me a little of the holidays in Italy early in
my life, when part of the trip was the experience of… well, sitting at cafes!

Scratchpad – these things would make me happy:
* a good single sign on system for the Web
* easier user interface to Gypsii – faster to use
* phones that would start to suggest useful things, like route optimizations
* getting rid of paper – in favor of bits
* lighter laptops
* remote battery charging for devices

In the year 2039, we are partly scanners. People walk with 3d scanning beams coming
out of their eyes or other parts. These make sense of the environment.
When you see something interesting, you can instantly follow up on it in the
virtual world: load a web page, or store the point into further reference.
Safety in all meanings of the word becomes number one issue for city dwellers.
Cities become carefully crafted entities, where it’s fun to live. The ecosystem
works extremely efficiently, yet without a stress-creating effect.
We have recording devices, which can alleviate crime. But these systems
also encompass an intelligent system that preserves privacy of individuals.
We have access control mechanisms to the visual data.
Laws are decided by a new mechanism, which enables people to better participate
in the governing of their own lives. We get news feed about parliamentaty
debate and decision-making. We no longer have to randomly pick a candidate in
elections; we can use hard statistics to back up our decision.

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