Hot Sunday, 29 celsius in Helsinki

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It was a day to be expected. By Friday I’d got the news that Sunday would be extremely hot.
The centigrades rose to 29 degrees. We headed down to Linnanmäki amusement park. Due to me
lacking an ID badge (it was a company-only private occasion from 10-13) we didn’t get in
yet. My social engineering skills weren’t adequate, so to say 😀

But no problem, later on in the day we went strolling around the park and it was fun.
It was the first time I skipped all the equipment but enjoyed good company instead. Our
daughter was delighted and behaved spectacularly.

I started writing about the overall network speed of Internet. It’s an interesting question,
and I need to get more background information from it before writing anything.

The weekend went really fast. Doesn’t it always? 🙂

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