the future is here – and only 8 months old


Here’s the future. You see her above this text.
I usually talk a lot about future, and it’s only now I realized she’s the one.
She will be skipping a lot of tech generations, which I have used. She won’t be much bothering
with a certain piece of equipment by Commodore Business Machines – instead she will start playing
probably with Apple’s or Nokia’s toys.

It would be really interesting to have even a glimpse into the actual selections she will make.
I have honestly no idea. Of course it is early to tell, since she is less than year old.
Ok, she will have better laptops and way more cool cellphones, with better mobile services.
I can definitely track her via GPS, and keep sending those irritating messages which warn of
the dangers of the world. And she will come up perhaps with a way of blocking daddy. This
advise will come from her peers, either via a social network or face to face.

She won’t be too interested in IP numbers or antivirus software. But she will be somewhat aware
of what’s cool and what’s not – I’ll teach the tech enough to keep her from fumbling.

What inspired me to think about the situation in my family, was this:

Why our ‘amazing’ science fiction future fizzled –

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Me: a code enthusiasta, technology optimist, but also a realist. In my blog something like 80% of the articles are technology related - mostly in English and Finnish. I like to envision and ponder about things, how life could be, what we are doing wrong today, and so on. "Invented" a facebook -like system in 2000, as a short product pamphlet. Haven't yet realized the 20+ ideas that might have become big things. Maybe learning this skill one of these days!

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