Next gen television/video

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s happened so fast. Isn’t it just yesterday, that we were sitting at the TV, watching recorded Knight Riders from VHS tape? Suddenly DVD came (in 1996) and conquered. DVD enabled better quality picture, and also things like extras and multiple language subtitles. When things became essentially all digital, the possibilities were totally different from […]

To synch or not – that is the Question!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes you need a specific thing. One of these for me is a synchronizationsoftware between my Nokia e71 and Google calendar. Then I’d like to have Roboform play with Chrome browser. And… and… (Roboform is a catchyutility that stores passwords and feeds them into your browser when you needthem). In this story I describe how […]

Stuck in old Metaphors – better times coming

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you know what (search, connect, wait, wait, open, login, wait, select, accept, check) means? Why, it’s uploading your best photos from the phone to a public place like a web album. Sounds pretty complicated though, and that’s exactly what is currently is. We often don’t do things because the steps are taking too much […]

my AdmiNEXT

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since administering a computer system is always more or less Excel files, papers,and all kinds of fuzzy stuff, I came up with a draft of an integrated system (a computer program) which would put some of these things together. It would make the process of administering much easier, by relieving the admin from remembering where […]

Tech gone bad – travel card kludgism

Reading Time: 4 minutes This article contains two main branches. First I’m going to talk aboutthe misjudgments somebody made in the design of a Finnish traveling card,and in the latter part I’m ranting about tech in general, but mobilesand new services in specific. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious when something has been designed badly, orin a user-hostile way. I was […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes I love trains. It’s not because of my mother’s side of the family has been working on railroads in various forms, but using a train simply feels so smooth. Luckily I have avoided most of the schedule problems, and read about them only in the news. It might be that my view would be completely […]