Goddamn Murphy!!

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It started innocently: waiting for my bus after work, at 4:30PM. Nothing happened for 45 minutes, even though the bus was supposed to be arriving in approx. 15 minutes. So I phoned a friend, in hopes of reaching him so that he could check the Internet for timetables. No answer.

I phoned my wife next. NETWORK ERROR. I couldn’t call out.

Another attempt: She answered, but our net was down at home. *sigh*

Ok, I checked out Google Maps for traffic planner. No go: there was no information
for this particular location.

Finally I got the information that there was going to be no bus lines any more. All gone. Great. So a walk into the nearest stop, about 1.5km

Wait. There’s more. In the evening, my ordinary bus for home: it broke before the
journey started.

I wasn’t pissed off at the end of the day. I was amused and afraid how thin our information society is. Really. If you stay in the swarm and exchange information
orally, you’re fine. IF you dare stay 1/2 hour later at work, and start doing
things your own way – relying on technology – you may be in it quite deep. Test
before you “buy”.

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