joined the Finnish Pirate Party

I joined the Finnish Pirate Party. I feel the cause is just, and there are many
things in digital rights management that could be handled in a more elegant and simple manner. The current situation is confusing and overly restricting. People who think they have bought ordinary digital content like songs, can easily be surprised by cranky devices not willing to play the pieces because of DRM mechanisms.

The rights and laws are crafted by parties that have huge (vested) personal interests in these matters. Nobody asked the big audience. This is one major problem. End users, you and me, are paying a high price for the errors. They range from minor annoyances to real pests like trying to fool the computer or other player do its job. Technology has been used in the wrong sense, with a “because I can” attitude. Sure, tight and obscure crypto can be used to make system which are almost impossible to penetrate. But I yet again ask is this purposeful?


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