First Dell certification; and thoughts about JVC Everio video production

First Dell cert went through! It was about current laptops and their maintenance. The basics, but a good start.

I remember once just taking a laptop apart, cold without any training. The piecing together took an hour! And it wasn’t nice to do the circus in front of a customer waiting for the seemingly simple fix.

…and to other news:
Video publishing is still quite hard. It’s a thing I have to always think “Wait a sec, how is it done?”. Usually things are soon embedded into our subconscious, when they become routine. This is the optimal level of learning. But not in my camera scenario:

The cam I’m talking about is a JVC Everio (a harddisk drive model) — and yes,
it’s a quick-shop souvenir from a lovely Thailand trip. It’s cool, but the internal video format is some obscure one, which has to be converted into mainstream ones. This is one good example of a process creating a barrier to activity. I would publish more, if the process was more agile. If I just didn’t have to wait for my Vista to boot up, slowly; then opening the video editing software, choosing upload from my cam, converting the video, and saving it. Then publishing into a site. Even for a small clip, this might take 10 minutes. It’s a bad ratio!

I remember how me and my wife were trying to gather information about different video cams. We were staying at Bangkok for the last evening, and thus I think we had around 1-2 hours to make the decision. A budget limitation was also one factor to chew in. The cam is a good choice what comes to ease of use (of the cam itself), and I like the 34x optical zoom. The harddisk is relatively spacious, with a capacity of approx. 7.5 hours.

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