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I love trains. It’s not because of my mother’s side of the family has been working on railroads in various forms, but using a train simply feels so smooth. Luckily I have avoided most of the schedule problems, and read about them only in the news. It might be that my view would be completely different then.

It’s the capability of these monstrous big machines to inspire me, while the traveling is much smoother than taking a bus or a taxi (I know, having been on both sides of the wheel). The tracks are fascinating, since they’re like classic decisions trees in computer science – there are branches, and nodes (stations). And I used to play Railroad Tycoon for thousands of hours as a kid.

Today I got enticed by the penny category of a local games shop. Took Rise of Nations (Big Huge Games) to the test. I’ll be examining it piecewise, until I either drop it or drop into it. The thrill and possibility for addiction is always present. Nowadays it funny, I don’t have a clue about what games are good. I used to be reading all the games news with a magnifying glass in the 1990s. Then I just kind of lost interest in gaming; probably because of entering the army and starting studies.

Games are excellent thing. They’ve given me so much. And yet some think that playing games is dangerous and should be prohibited. I think it’s a lot about placing limits. I never had limits with those, but that didn’t make any different. My imagination
is quite vivid, and games of course spawned new worlds into which I could dive into. It was so much fun. Sometimes the thing went a bit over, have to admit 🙂 Playing just Civilization for 8 hours straight might be considered non-rational behaviour.

One more thingy – being without electricity really sucks. I was today in a situation
where my laptop and mobile had run out of juice. I felt handless. Really! It’s
through negation like this that I understand exactly how important gadgets have
become. The power supply politics should be better planned. Nowadays it’s not even
such guaranteed you can run into some shop and power from there. I thing small power
parks within cities would be really cool. Advertisers? Anyone out there knows
of this kind of idea been implemented already?

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