iTouched the iPhone

Been there! Done IT!

The iPhone is way cool. I took a short test ride today, on 23rd June 2009. The authorized Mac reseller in Helsinki downtown had one these gems, that everybody
has been buzzing about for.. ages? I’d seen the gadget live twice before this. But never actually got a feeling for it.

The phone is visual. It’s very visual; nice contrast, good resolution, and the
navigation (since the keyboard is virtual – onscreen keyboard) is done completely
on the screen. Only a back-button exists, which you can push to get one level up in
the menu hierarchy. The functions (Stock, maps, photos, etc.) responded quickly – this is what I really like. It makes the user interface much more usable, when you don’t
have to stare at silly progress bars telling you the wait time.

The virtual keyboard is pretty nasty. I couldn’t do fast typing with it at all; a thing that I’ve accustomed to with ordinary computer keyboards as well as the Nokia e71 keyboard.

Would I take an iPhone? You bet! Waiting for my current mobile lease to unleash me. Perhaps it’s going to be the 3rd gen iPhone then.

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