The next killer app for mobiles?

You know what? Mobile software is not about bits, coding and all that. It’s about understanding trends and what our motivations, problems and limitations are. I don’t really know can you say that there’s been a killer app since short messaging (SMS)… That’s one thing that got adopted by a huge majority of mobile users.Continue reading “The next killer app for mobiles?”

VICE – a Commodore 64 emulator running on (even) Windows Vista

What joy the good old Commodore 64 (CBM C=64) brings when it’s on my laptop’sdesk. I downloaded and installed the VICE emulator. It can do a lot things, but of main interest are loading (playing) .d64 and .t64 images. These arebinary representations of disks and tapes, respectively. So in plain Englishyou can download the goodContinue reading “VICE – a Commodore 64 emulator running on (even) Windows Vista”

First Dell certification; and thoughts about JVC Everio video production

First Dell cert went through! It was about current laptops and their maintenance. The basics, but a good start. I remember once just taking a laptop apart, cold without any training. The piecing together took an hour! And it wasn’t nice to do the circus in front of a customer waiting for the seemingly simpleContinue reading “First Dell certification; and thoughts about JVC Everio video production”

joined the Finnish Pirate Party

I joined the Finnish Pirate Party. I feel the cause is just, and there are many things in digital rights management that could be handled in a more elegant and simple manner. The current situation is confusing and overly restricting. People who think they have bought ordinary digital content like songs, can easily be surprisedContinue reading “joined the Finnish Pirate Party”

an executive blog – affecting everyday life?

Today’s tasks included the first solo installation of a customer laptop. Whee 🙂 It was fun, although somewhat complicated also. I’m learning the way of the houselittle by little. My real reason for writing today: Tell me how many company executive blogs you read on a daily basis? I’d say zero for most of us.Continue reading “an executive blog – affecting everyday life?”