Straining the brain – new interfaces

Reading Time: 2 minutes What is the modern equivalent of being a stronger individual? I think it’s the capability and will to command more user interfaces. Because there’s always a utility value for a certain interface; you can get thingswith less (physical) effort, for lower price, from a better pool of choice etc. So extending your mind with newContinue reading “Straining the brain – new interfaces”

Google – the satellite – and opportunistic business possibilities

Reading Time: < 1 minute I started to think of in an abstract what Google represents. It’s a kind of like a satellite. Google can “see” the world wide web from 50,000 feet. Itcan zoom in indefinitely, yet handle the overall picture as well. What Google still lacks is certain time resolution; this is a technologicalchallenge. Satellites probably were aContinue reading “Google – the satellite – and opportunistic business possibilities”

Traffic in the year 2015 (fictional scenario)

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s pretty easy to predict the future. Just use your intuition and go! Trends– traffic changes into two directions: individualization but also more effective collective traffic (mass transport)– new forms of transportation emerge: slow low-power cars, due to all the green movement going on now as we are closing year 2010. Mass transport will getContinue reading “Traffic in the year 2015 (fictional scenario)”

faster preliminary GPS location by synching devices

Reading Time: < 1 minute Since there’s going to be time that we have at least half a dozen Bluetooth-enabled devices with GPS capabilities in any given 100m radius area, then why not use this informationconcentration to benefit all? Usually a single device has some trouble getting GPS signal, and the initialization takes time; sometimes it’s just 5-10 seconds, butContinue reading “faster preliminary GPS location by synching devices”

Helsinki and the possibilities of 4G

Reading Time: 2 minutes It was lunch time. I took a walk down the Helsinki center, and for a moment stopped to just look and think. Pressing the button to make my camera record the moment, I thought about how would a technology like 4G change our city? People, traffic signs, rails, concrete, smiles, curiosity, tourists, shops, signs, ads,Continue reading “Helsinki and the possibilities of 4G”

Changing face of IT and what we do with it

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s a common phrase that technology (referring to IT) is just going forward so fastthat we can’t follow it. There is a hint of truth in this. I’ve witnessed the evolutionof home computers from the 1980s onwards, and in some point I kind of lost interestin the intricate details of what a certain desktop orContinue reading “Changing face of IT and what we do with it”

The coming 4G network looks good!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Mobile phones are basically computers that operate over radio networks. The base stationsare one important component which create the universe of possibilities of what themobiles can do. Depending on the generation of the system, different capabilities arepresent. The first mobile network, so called 1st generation, could relay speech from one mobilephone to another. The speechContinue reading “The coming 4G network looks good!”

Importance of making information flow

Reading Time: 2 minutes It would be really interesting to read research about the organizational patterns of information flow. I’ve encountered a place where we administrators have huge problems with getting information. Major events happen beneath our feet, but we feel the force only when the mattress is taken under. There’s no communications beforehand whatsoever. And I can tellContinue reading “Importance of making information flow”