Google – the satellite – and opportunistic business possibilities

I started to think of in an abstract what Google represents. It’s a kind of
like a satellite. Google can “see” the world wide web from 50,000 feet. It
can zoom in indefinitely, yet handle the overall picture as well. What
Google still lacks is certain time resolution; this is a technological

Satellites probably were a really strange thing in the beginning. Today
they’re used in many environmental research issues, and providing
us with GPS location. They have become very everyday technology. Our
maps are updated using satellite technology.

I was standing today along a motorway bus stop and trying to listen to
iPod. The ambient noise was overwhelming. Cars were zooming by at
around 100 km/h. Approximately 1000-1200 cars passed me before my bus
came. What if just one would have picked me up? But why on earth?
a) we shared a similar route
b) it would be useful
c) I would pay for the petrol
d) the car would be better utilized
e) we could become friends, or at least exchange refreshing thoughts

Tick all of the above. 🙂

And check out Zimride.

P.S. it’s also on Facebook, as an app.

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