Enhancing thought

What on, today?

That’s a hard question. If you are looking for a specific event or happening somewhere
you have to know it by name. You can however drop to the page accidentally or through
search machines, and discover it that way. What’s tricky in the virtual world is
that our knowledge of things depends on our navigational capability and capacity.

Capability is the skills to use internet. The woven web is not perfect yet, and
it will probably always have some of these inherent structural problems. Think of
the web as your ordinary asphalt road. It’s worn and never quite up to date, yet
you can drive on it.

Capacity is about the theory that there’s only a certain amount of information you
can manage with. For example in sociology the is the Dunbar’s number, roughly 150, a measurement of the “cognitive limit to the number of individuals with whom any one person can maintain stable relationships” (Wikipedia).

There are probably similar kinds of limitations to processing that happens in our
brain. Though people vary a lot. I would think that the information processing
capacity is a sum of several factors; memory, interest, motivation, physical state, experience, environment, etc.

We’re living in highly information-centric world. There’s a lot of really nice systems that one can use. Spreadsheets are invaluable help (they were once a breakthrough application, for all business people).
Search engines are everyone’s basic tools. All kinds of data exists on the web.

How I would tackle the information age is by starting to think over from the scratch what kind of elementary routines could be automated. For example; often it happens that
you’re in a flow, writing an article, coding, or reading something. Then there’s a
sudden stop: you have to do calculation. Just figuring out how to get a calculator
takes time. Of course you can spawn Calc in Windows or run Excel, or any other
mathematical tool for that matter. But what if the maths would just come into your
mind? The answer would be there. You wouldn’t have to put consciouss effort into it!

Action is based on knowledge and intuition. We as a human work only if we have a direction
from the brain; there’s an action potential coming from our central nervous system and telling us that do this, do that. What the brain wants is some level of certainty of the outcome of this action. Ie. human behaviour is subjectively rational.

I’m sure the cognition will be enhanced somehow, non-invasively in the future.
Some primary operations can be “cached” or calculated and you don’t even know it was
done. You feel or see it as the results; the work is bypassed, and thus your
capability to figure out and think things will be greater.

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