Reading Time: 1 minute Building your own ubiset: – buy a modern 3G phone- install the following software: * Google Maps (http://www.google.com/mobile/) * Tweets60 (http://www.tweets60.com/) * Glogger Lite (http://m.glogger.mobi/) * Fring (though it’s a battery drain) This set gives you access to a lot of info on the road. You can keep in touchand document (Glogger) what you see.


Reading Time: 1 minute Suetube – coming up The way we do business might revolutionize every now and then. I think there’s a clear need for Suetube, a video-age service for all companies. If you think you’ve got a bad deal, just scan and upload it to Suetube. Professional peers and the patented DealZen algorithm can check out the