evolution of computer delivery

Reading Time: < 1 minute Evolution of computer delivery Here’s how a computer is delivered to you. 1970: here’s the electronics. And instructions. You can build it in 2 days. 1980: here’s the computer. switch on. it works. 1990: here’s the computer. and internet. and memory card reader. Mouse. Plus a dongle. and a converter. and some gadgets. and oh,Continue reading “evolution of computer delivery”


Reading Time: < 1 minute Building your own ubiset: – buy a modern 3G phone– install the following software: * Google Maps (http://www.google.com/mobile/) * Tweets60 (http://www.tweets60.com/) * Glogger Lite (http://m.glogger.mobi/) * Fring (though it’s a battery drain) This set gives you access to a lot of info on the road. You can keep in touchand document (Glogger) what you see.Continue reading “ubiset”

loss of control – it happens

Reading Time: < 1 minute Blogspot displays scientology ads in my blog. Great. Ovi store lets me browse for applications, and when I find an interesting AND free one, it says this is no longer available. Why let me browse it then? Loss of control. You’re not in charge. That’s a major factor and a turnoff in computing. When systemsContinue reading “loss of control – it happens”

non-intravenous ED

Reading Time: 2 minutes No, don’t open your mail. You have about 400 unread messages, of which luckily 98% can be deleted without going further than a mere flick.I won’t suggest that you’d be reckless, but I once deleted over600 mails and the decision brought no pain whatsoever. It relievedme a lot. There’s a better way nowadays. You canContinue reading “non-intravenous ED”