loss of control – it happens

Blogspot displays scientology ads in my blog. Great.

Ovi store lets me browse for applications, and when I find an interesting AND free one, it says this is no longer available. Why let me browse it then?

Loss of control. You’re not in charge. That’s a major factor and a turnoff in computing. When systems leave you out, without the means to correct the particular issue. I don’t think I can decide which ads to display along my writings. I’m not that particularly pissed off by the scientology ad, but it just surprised me in a way: “Oh, and *this* can happen!” It kind of woke me up to reality.

Because in the worst case, someone would think I’m praising scientology in my blog. The ad was quite big and visible, not text but graphics.

If anyone knows if there’s any control over one’s blog in Blogspot, drop me a note. Would be appreciated!

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