Service Vehicle I – regarding Tuokko, the home-bringing transportation

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To add a little Davinci’sh feeling in the blog, I found this
excellent illustration of the Service Vehicle I. It’s a modern
automobile designed to be used especially in the home transportation
project, called Tuokko. I have no idea where the particular shapes
came from. Kind of reminds me of Space Odyssey 2001 and 1970s.
The aerodynamics might not be so good. Note that the rear end
is equipped and manned, and it is done so to speed up the delivery
process at customer premises.

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Helsinki, the city that’s always been the Big One for me. I’m originally from Lohja, which is
about 60km from Helsinki. So Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It encompasses about 10% of
the whole population, with approximately 520,000 inhabitants. The picture in the right
is one of the most popular tourist attractions, the church of Temppeliaukio (I am not sure
it’s the name used for guiding tourists, but anyway.. 🙂
It was a very nice weather on the day I took the picture.

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unblogged for a while

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It occurred to me that it’s ages since I wrote here. The reason is probably my divorce.
As unfortunate as it is, there’s time for everything. This was not meant to last.
We did our best, and we now close the chapter.

I’ve been doing quite much relocating, very practically. Now living in a new apartment
in Helsinki city; it’s cozy, old, and so my style. I have a table, where I’m writing this
story. Spotify releases the tunes into the twenty squaremeter room – the whole house being
eighty. The house is 110 years old, originally built to be railroad people’s homes.

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