unblogged for a while

It occurred to me that it’s ages since I wrote here. The reason is probably my divorce.
As unfortunate as it is, there’s time for everything. This was not meant to last.
We did our best, and we now close the chapter.

I’ve been doing quite much relocating, very practically. Now living in a new apartment
in Helsinki city; it’s cozy, old, and so my style. I have a table, where I’m writing this
story. Spotify releases the tunes into the twenty squaremeter room – the whole house being
eighty. The house is 110 years old, originally built to be railroad people’s homes.

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Published by jukkasoft

Me: a code enthusiasta, technology optimist, but also a realist. In my blog something like 80% of the articles are technology related - mostly in English and Finnish. I like to envision and ponder about things, how life could be, what we are doing wrong today, and so on. "Invented" a facebook -like system in 2000, as a short product pamphlet. Haven't yet realized the 20+ ideas that might have become big things. Maybe learning this skill one of these days!

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