Assembler – long time no see

Reading Time: < 1 minute  I recently installed the assembler editing and compiling environmentfor my PC. It’s MASM, freely available over the Internet. I am lookingforward to doing some coding with it, mainly going to implement basicalgorithms like trees and sorting in the language. It is always a challengeto make complicated things in such low level language, and one mightContinue reading “Assembler – long time no see”

testing HTC phone

Reading Time: < 1 minute  Test-driving the HTC phone. I got one from office, and test driving it currently. It’s got a Windows Mobile 6.1The user interface tries to emulate pretty much of Windows, and thus brings familiarityto the use. But because I am brainwashed to be a Nokia person, it’s somehow difficultat first to grasp the new concept.This isContinue reading “testing HTC phone”

The lovely truth about entrepreneurship

Reading Time: 2 minutes   I was working two years as independent consultant back in 2006-2007, and still have the company as idle one; it can be reactivated at a short notice, and I’m back in business.I like to tell you my experiences so far. So, let’s take a roll back over to 1998. Ihad been graduating from theContinue reading “The lovely truth about entrepreneurship”

Upcoming USA trip in 2010 summer, meet up?

Reading Time: < 1 minute USA trip 2010 (planned, version 1.0) 14 days in western USA, crossing to east and meet people & see things ina short period. I’ve been once to Las Vegas, in the Comdex computer fair in2000 or so. It was magnificent experience. We won the best looking presenteraward thanks to our lovely ladies, not the sweatyContinue reading “Upcoming USA trip in 2010 summer, meet up?”

The Message

Reading Time: < 1 minute  The Message matters. ‘Viesti’, or message in finnish, is happening right nowin this picture. There’s a guy offering information probably about a volunteeringor charity organization. He’s engaging in street level action. This phenomena hasincreased a lot in Finland during the early 21st century. It’s probably a goodtool in the vast array of communications that weContinue reading “The Message”