Assembler – long time no see

Reading Time: 1 minute  I recently installed the assembler editing and compiling environmentfor my PC. It’s MASM, freely available over the Internet. I am lookingforward to doing some coding with it, mainly going to implement basicalgorithms like trees and sorting in the language. It is always a challengeto make complicated things in such low level language, and one might


Reading Time: 1 minute  Some thoughts in a bachelor box. I’m engaged in a deep thought session; there’s a C# programming language bookin the background, my current project in computer science. It’s been a refreshing period of New things coming lately, and got my car back from maintenance. The Tuokko projecthas also taken a lot of time. I’m so

The Message

Reading Time: 1 minute  The Message matters. ‘Viesti’, or message in finnish, is happening right nowin this picture. There’s a guy offering information probably about a volunteeringor charity organization. He’s engaging in street level action. This phenomena hasincreased a lot in Finland during the early 21st century. It’s probably a goodtool in the vast array of communications that we