Upcoming USA trip in 2010 summer, meet up?

USA trip 2010 (planned, version 1.0)

14 days in western USA, crossing to east and meet people & see things in
a short period. I’ve been once to Las Vegas, in the Comdex computer fair in
2000 or so. It was magnificent experience. We won the best looking presenter
award thanks to our lovely ladies, not the sweaty nerds 😉 Good memories!

Rent a Porsche 911, and bring home one Dodge -69 7.2Liter for a friend.
– auto costs 3500 dollars
– Porsche Boxster Sv6 295hp (a’la $250/day)
– hostels total 650 dollars for the whole trip
– food 500 dollars
– see indian reservoirs
– meet at least Danielle and Gretchen
– see Google campus in San Francisco
– mail me at (jukka.paulin) @ gmail.com if you’re along the way, or in
the same direction. Would be great to meet! I’m open both to business
and just leisure time.
– representing Genusync Finnish branch office (web projects), looking
for prospective clients always
– my own project Tuokko will be introduced if you want, you can see
it at http://tuokko.blogspot.com

One response to “Upcoming USA trip in 2010 summer, meet up?”

  1. Hope , we start our office in USA also soon 🙂

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