testing HTC phone

Test-driving the HTC phone.
I got one from office, and test driving it currently. It’s got a Windows Mobile 6.1
The user interface tries to emulate pretty much of Windows, and thus brings familiarity
to the use. But because I am brainwashed to be a Nokia person, it’s somehow difficult
at first to grasp the new concept.
This is just the initial feelings of what I’ve gathered and experienced so far.
– the phone’s form factor (shape) and weight is nice. It’s a little bit like my current
Nokia e71
– the black colour and materials used are also good looking and they seem quite robust
– rounded corners feel good, in hand and in pocket
– screen is not very responsive, ie. misses some taps with the stylus; but when you get
used to this you can do much better.

More to come. This is update 1, on 29.11.2009

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