Regarding unpolished business in the railroads

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The ex state owned railroads company VR (or Valtion Rautatiet) is having a bad
winter in 2009-2010. The company has faced many challenges, and the latest
being an accident where 4 passenger cars crashed into a hotel building at
a speed of approximately 20-30 km/h in downtown Helsinki (Rautatientori).
In addition the company is decreasing some lines, with the expected
effect that customer satisfaction will decrease also. It seems like there
has been some strategic errors in technology selection, or the daily operations
are underplanned. In plain English, VR is now in a sorry state.

It comes in conjunction with Finnair’s (Finnish airline) latest big mess with luggage
delivery. So, if you are traveling within or to or from Finland, expect some
delays and fuss. Otherwise, I think you are in safe hands.

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