TweetDeck – a tool that changed my life

Reading Time: < 1 minute Try Tweetdeck. It runs on Apple AIR, a middle level tier. The Tweetdeck is notsame as Twitter, but connects to the twitter network. So it is a user interface,a choice of yours, that you can try and if you decide it is good, then stickwith it. I found it is quite good. Could be aContinue reading “TweetDeck – a tool that changed my life”

Stuffing the stuff

Reading Time: 2 minutes What kind of changes have the user interfaces faced since, say year 2000? AJAX, and some flashy graphics, that’s it. Not much actually. Then again, you could argue that Google Street View, even though the perfect tool for people to peek into other’s businesses, is technically quite adept. GSV tiles photographic images on a geographicalContinue reading “Stuffing the stuff”

My current view of economic constraint theory (this is part II)

Reading Time: 9 minutes General Constraint Theory version 0.1date: 07 Feb 2010, Finland "A short (451 words) essay on how the constraints theory affect information technologyand financial markets. Constraint theory is based on neurological mechanisms of an individual,propagated into group, organizational, and macroeconomic level."(copyright, Jukka Paulin 2010, Finland) Free to cite and use in any research deemed appropiate WhatContinue reading “My current view of economic constraint theory (this is part II)”

Why Google Pass is a good thing?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Google pass or Google Account is a key to many things in the digital world today. You can use it naturally to read GMail, use advanced Google features, inform the search machine about your preferences and also establish blogs very easily using Blogspot, which is owned and provided by Google Corporation. In the future, GoogleContinue reading “Why Google Pass is a good thing?”

How to change the font of a PDF file, when it’s an original one?

Reading Time: < 1 minute When I was a kid, and the PC was in infancy, probably around year 1987, I programmed along with a fellow hacker a program called SFONT that changed the system font of a MS-DOS prompt. He made a very nice font, which imitated the science fiction (sci-fi) console. I liked to use it very muchContinue reading “How to change the font of a PDF file, when it’s an original one?”

Aseman Kalle höpäjää rautateistä

Reading Time: < 1 minute Kalle istuskeli juna-asemalla penkillä, ja hörähteli hieman kummissaan kun junat eivät kulkeneet oikein. Oli jo monta talvea ollut ongelmia siinä, miten entinen keisarillinen laitos kuljetti ihmisiä paikasta toiseen. Tai useammin ei kuljettanut. Vaunutkin olivat samana talvena hätistelleet Ernst et Youngin lakitoimiston liepeitä, menemällä noin vaan seinästä sisään. Rautatieyhtiö oli kuitenkin löytänyt loistostrategian, lisäämällä lipuntarkastajien määrääContinue reading “Aseman Kalle höpäjää rautateistä”