Why Google Pass is a good thing?

Google pass or Google Account is a key to many things in the digital world today. You can use it naturally to read GMail, use advanced Google features, inform the search machine about your preferences and also establish blogs very easily using Blogspot, which is owned and provided by Google Corporation. In the future, Google Checkout will probably be popular, since it is a mechanism to speed up buying (e-commerce). Of course we’re somewhat worried about information getting into one giant black hole, which doesn’t radiate much back.

(See, the above picture is a depiction of how a black hole – ultra dense body of matter –
starts to suck all other matter and energy, including light)

But there’s always the quantum boiling phenomena, proposed by Stephen Hawking. This english genius noticed that the so called event horizon is an information exchange place. Since quanta can spontaneously be born from borrowed energy, if this happens luckily in the horizon, so that the entity has its feet on both sides of the horizon, there’s going to be information leak.

In the meantime, I’d go for google. 🙂

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