Hello world!

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Up and running! Welcome to the new Jukkasoft pages. We are a consulting company doing C, Java, Ruby on Rails as well as re-engineering projects, both in the web, on Windows and Linux. Ask for any questions that you have.

Jukkasoft is backed by flexible development workforce in India. It means basically that your project gets full attention immediately, and the workforce amount can be throttled up and down depending the the needs of the project.

Pleased to do business with you. You can contact us at jukka.paulin (at) gmail.com

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One thought on “Hello world!

  1. Cool Nice logo , Pretty impressing 🙂 Hey Our team is always there for you Jukka 🙂 all the best !!

    A: Thanks! 😉 The logo was quite a shot. There’s a bit of the good old Firebird’s Elite game
    and then again, my drawing skills with vector graphics; which aren’t much. I will keep the
    site much more fresh now with a daily doze of 1 graphics. I will be concentrating
    on media here, not so much tech anymore.

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