Modern knowledge creation

Reading Time: 2 minutes The picture within this document is my understanding of how we perceive, study, document, create, and nourish information. We use our perception through tools, such as microscopes, direct observation, or other means. Then the raw information forms thoughts and hypotheses, which are tested against using laboratory simulations, statistics, or logical deduction. We talk about theContinue reading “Modern knowledge creation”

Browser extensions for Chrome, I like this stuff

Reading Time: < 1 minute It seems that Google’s new Chrome browser is getting awashed with extensions,though they are of good quality. At least the ones I have tried are excellent. I really enjoy Chromey Calculator, Wave notifier, Chromed Bird,Lastpass, Google Share button, Google Tasks, Gmail notifier and a FeedlyRSS feeder. Some of those are pretty self-evident. But let’s review; theContinue reading “Browser extensions for Chrome, I like this stuff”

Accelerators – for more usability

Reading Time: < 1 minute Accelerators, and more tolerant user interface sweet-spots are the thing you want to look for. The previous are a group of technologies that do thing for you, speedier. Theyare not about particularly the CPU revving up; or more memory. Acceleratorssimple are aliases, keyboard shortcuts, and anything regarding customizationthat works for YOU! I often consider myselfContinue reading “Accelerators – for more usability”

Semi-Digital Finnish bureaucracy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ten years ago I had been dreaming of a paperless office for couple of years already. Today once again I was inspired by the fact that the current state of affairsis making me postpone things. Recently, I talked to a young EU specialistwho had been making a stint of 5 years in Belgium. We hadContinue reading “Semi-Digital Finnish bureaucracy”