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Accelerators, and more tolerant user interface sweet-spots are the thing you want to look for.
The previous are a group of technologies that do thing for you, speedier. They
are not about particularly the CPU revving up; or more memory. Accelerators
simple are aliases, keyboard shortcuts, and anything regarding customization
that works for YOU!

I often consider myself as the prototypical neural rat in a test bench.
Even though very well-versed in computers and their use, I am often in a bit hurry,
busy-head all the time, and hate repetition. So I’m your average nervous user, who
just wants to get things done. You see, the problem with computers is that
some geeks are ultra persistent. They think that sentences could be written so
that for each letter, you’d have to remember a 12-letter password. Some people just
are that way. They have the time and superb persistence to go after things.

Well, most don’t have.

The sweet-spots are user interface areas that react to a point-and-click
event, like that produced with a mouse. Clicking on a sweet-spot runs a program,
launches an action, or does something similar. As people age and their
neuromuscular accuracy degrades, mouse use becomes more anxiety-provoking.
Have you ever tried to use computers when you’re drunk, or feeling cold? It’s
irritating to miss the elements all the time.

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