Browser extensions for Chrome, I like this stuff

It seems that Google’s new Chrome browser is getting awashed with extensions,
though they are of good quality. At least the ones I have tried are excellent. I really enjoy Chromey Calculator, Wave notifier, Chromed Bird,
Lastpass, Google Share button, Google Tasks, Gmail notifier and a Feedly
RSS feeder.

Some of those are pretty self-evident. But let’s review; the Chromey does a calculator’s
job, so it replaces the need for Windows’ desktop calculator. It can fetch data like currency
exchange rates fresh from the Internet.

Wave is a notifier for the Google Wave system. Chromed Bird is a Twitter notifier tool. Lastpass is one of the most powerful, saving you the hassle of keeping a list of passwords – just know that the master password is very precious. Lose it not, lest feel the peril though will.
Google share lets you expose what you see, very neat. Google tasks is there to alleviate or burn your overworked brain. Gmail notifier does what it promises. And Feedly stuffs you with inspiration.

These are making my day a lot more efficient what comes to
information processing. I read a lot. I mean a lot. I am discovering news
about IT, neuroscience, medical field, chemistry, maths, literature, and
so on. So it takes a good 3-5 hours daily to keep up. By using the extensions
it’s much more easier.

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