Science 101 and waste management with probability

Reading Time: < 1 minute Problem: waste! Waste management Waste management is often involved in the processing of solid, liquid, gaseous or possibly even radioactive substances, which are deemed harmful to ordinary life. The waste management aspect can be approached with varying methodology and classifications. IN ordinary household evironments, the waste management is often considered sub-“luxury” function, which is howeverContinue reading “Science 101 and waste management with probability”

Learning steve, an AI construction language for “breve” system

Reading Time: < 1 minute Check out for more information. This AI framework allows you tocreate creatures, involved in 3-D space of no limits, and evolving into higher creatures. It’s fun and really interesting way to understand programming and the blind watchmaker hypothesis into evolution. Not only does breve allow you to make the simulations, but it also rendersContinue reading “Learning steve, an AI construction language for “breve” system”