OMEN messaging environment draft

Reading Time: 3 minutes Open messaging environment (project OMEN) OMEN is an open source news and messaging platform. It aims to create the framework for employees who are working in intensive information related environments. OMEN is browser based, operating system neutral, free of upgrades or updates. It is currently implemented for normal computer environments in 2010, but aims to

EFFi keskustelua ja kanta intialaisen vaalikonehakkerin toimista

Reading Time: 1 minute EFFi: Intian vaalikoneiden hakkerointi keyword: India, EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation Finland ry, EFFi, elections, voting tricks, hacking, bribe, liberty, democracy, politics, voting machine Diebold, hacks, Microsoft, Visual Basic, smartcard Backgrounder in English: Finnish branch of the EFF, Electronic Foundation Finland ry, brings light of their opinion in the matter regarding the arrest warrant for Hari

PIN encoding monster – protect your sheets

Reading Time: 3 minutes #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> /* The pin encoding monster. Encrypts and generates lists of numeric pin codes using simple over- and underflow arithmetic. Security based on 1 master PIN code. Use: – enter your sheet of codes to be protected, into pins array – check the 3 variables that control what kind of PINs are

Saab 9-1 consumer futurology and anthropologic trends

Reading Time: 4 minutes Traffic and sociology research for initial phase progress of Saab 9-1 concept car, due out in 2014. Historical aspect The car has evolved for approximately 100 years now. The first vehicles to compete with horse-led carriages appeared in the 1700s. But these were not yet automobiles, even though the terminology, “automobile”, means exactly this: a