What a dynamite summer! I was earlier writing in the web about this summer’s temperatures.

Dynami:t can, beverage

We’ve had almost sizzling hot in Finland, a country that quite rarely can boast with warmness. But even now, I’m starting to get decent chillout from the hot day; it’s early morning hours, and I’m sitting in front of the computer, doing some late night writing.

The site (this one) that I’m using for Jukkasoft is equipped with one of the latest versions of this beautiful blog engine; WordPress. It’s one of the post-web2.0 inventions that I simply fell in love with. My initial touch was doing a bit more hands-on configuration with it, in another web hotel, but currently I’m using this readymade, global, free blogging space. Still, I’ve had nothing that I would specifically need to alter. Everything seems to be here. WordPress.com is a showcase of the technology. They rent space, and give up to 3 gigabytes of disk space for your media: pictures, videos, documents, blog texts.

WordPress is like a mini operating system within the browser. You have functionalities for doing basic editing on the fly (whenever you have an access to web, you can do editing – safely over SSL protected web traffic). This is one merit for a citizen journalist or any other public relations/media related employee or activist. The usability of WordPress is very good. It saves you from pretty much everything that’s usually related to nitty gritty details with HTML or other web technologies – but, you can and are certainly allowerd to edit your own HTML if you want to. That’s the great part! So there’s ease of use mixed with liberty to do hardcore web encoding. This is the spirit that I like.

Pure HTML editing can be demanding on time. The W3C standards body has a bit of nihilism in their designs sometimes; they vary between usable and very theoretic. But it’s exactly things like WordPress, a content management system (CMS) aimed at bloggers, that make the thing fun and accessible to a wide audience. Once you learn and understand the benefits of blogging, it’s much nicer to start learning also the technology under it. But first going under the hood, and then starting to think about what to write is much more difficult.

Browse around; if you’re interested in blogging, media, citizen journalism, or getting your voice heard out in the digital media, don’t hesitate to contact me or the fellows at rest of

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