The world at your fingertips – Angband

When I first grew up with computers, they were for gaming. Computers in the 1980s were ancient of course, compared to nowadays. They didn’t have as realistic graphics, they were generally slower, and games looked pretty morbid.

Angband fist
Angband inspired fist

But the funny thing is, that a game is actually as good as the plot and idea. First games were ones that people wrote from computer magazines, in their source form. So before gaming, you had to spend some 1-2 hours in front of your computer, typing a language you barely knew. Then, saving the work into a cassette tape, the gaming could start!

Even today, I love playing something like Angband. It’s a character-based, but really appealing RPG. Role playing games inspire the imagination; they have a lot of statistics about the characters, and a variably sophisticated artificial intelligence for non-player characters (enemies or just laymen wandering in the worlds). Angband is something that I would call addictive. It is simple, yet powerful game. You start on the topmost level of a cave of labyrinths. You gather some initial equipment from shops, and then wander off into the deepest of pits you can ever imagine.

The game starts to exhibit its depth when you look at the properties of objects and the game logic. Angband offers even too much information on how the game play advances; but it’s exactly this that makes it enjoyable.

Angband isn’t … ok, not going to tell anything more about it. Google for a download. It’s free. And fun! 🙂

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