Caresim simulator of hitch hikers

Simulation of car hitch-hiking service

This simulation is an exercise and rose out of my
interest to get a -type of transportation into Finland and rest of the Europe.

Modeled (simulated) decentralized logistic service
with two classes of people: those with a car, and those without.

The purpose of simulation is to investigate how a given road network can help people get moving from place to place. It is based on monitoring road traffic manually via ascii string entry, and getting automated information via mass movement, so that datamining preserves privacy.

Simulation parameters are:

v – the road network (segments, speed limits)
n – number of points (buildings, start and end points)
a – car (speed, characteristics of the gasoline consumption, etc.)
k – users ([x, y]; need; media; money)

Road network consists of points, which are connected to a straight line.

The road can be simulated to arbitrary careful if necessary. In practice sufficient, for example, that the curves sampled at 100m resolution.

Simulation is not relevant to the road shape, but the road
The total length and its various components, the speed limit.

The speed limit is the maximum allowable speed of the vehicle in a specific section of the road.

The simulation assumes that cars do not drive at overspeed (ie. beyond the speed limit).

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