Linux WLAN (WiFi) tools under inspection

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m checking out wireless LAN tools for Linux. The reason that I do this is because I want to be ready for the multitude of different networks that are available soon. Already the electromagnetic spectrum, which means “the whole space of frequencies” is occupied quite tightly by different kind of transmission. 4G is going toContinue reading “Linux WLAN (WiFi) tools under inspection”

Standalone systems and cyborgism

Reading Time: 2 minutes A standalone system is something that can live “by its own”. This is how I see the boundaries could be defined (of pieces of technology). Let’s see; a car? Is a car such a standalone system? In a way, it is. With its tens of thousands of patented and non-patented parts, you can drive aContinue reading “Standalone systems and cyborgism”

The new schedule: regularity

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hi, it’s a time for some selections in lifestyle. I have always been the one who almost goes around the clock. Computers can be fascinating to the extreme, although many consider them as tools, text editors, communicators, and mostly in the role that computers actually did a break-through in the 1970s: calculators. With regularity IContinue reading “The new schedule: regularity”

Sales and level of customer care

Reading Time: 2 minutes Locally here in southern Finland, the gut feeling tells that many private clients (citizens) are in need of customized IT services. It means that still many are left in a gap between the hardware vendors, resellers, and consultants. In English: When your PC is glogged up (software settings set up wrong, or hardware failing) theContinue reading “Sales and level of customer care”